image-1Helping Dog Paws has helped a dog get back on its paws after coming from dire circumstances.

Missy the Staffy cross Collie was seen advertised on Facebook by Zoe from Grimsby who took her in on a fostering basis. Not much is known about Missy’s past but once in Zoe’s care it became clear that the dog had been abused and neglected, which had left her ill, undernourished and anxious.

When Missy became ill, Zoe posted her concerns on Facebook, which were seen by Pauline Sharpe, Founder of Helping Dog Paws, who advised her on the best course of action, and put Zoe in contact with the Helping Dog Paws Charity.

The charity has supported Zoe in caring for Missy, giving her advice on how to look after her, helping her to go to the vets and facilitating the transition and rehabilitation of Missy from her foster home to her forever home.

Zoe has visited the Field of Dreams Dog Training field, run by Pauline, with Missy to meet a potential new “mum” and we are pleased to announce that from these meetings Missy has found her forever home.

The Helping Dogs Paws work does not stop there as support will now be given to the new owner of Missy to help her settle into her new home.

Helping Dog Paws would like to thank Zoe, who has become very attached to Missy and is finding the transition from being a foster mum to seeing her go on to her new home very difficult, for rescuing Missy from the terrible circumstances she was in. Her life would have been very different from what it is now and in the future.

Helping Dog Paws Charity would also like to say a big thank you to Clee Veterinary Centre in Grimsby who provided fantastic help for Missy’s immediate problems and routine vaccinations. Their help has turned the dog’s life around. She is now much healthier.

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