Meet Harley, who is a 7-year-old Staffie

🐾 Boisterous with very little manners, but in the right hands, she is trainable.

🐾 Fine with Children but older Children due to her liveliness.

🐾 Loves a ball.

🐾House trained

🐾 Not cat tested

The decision to take on a dog should never ever be taken lightly. The whole family must buy into the idea. You need to consider the size of the dog you would like to take on, and what you would like to do with the dog e.g. have an active dog that will play willingly, is happy to go on long walks, or a homely laid back breed of dog that will happily sit for hours by the fire, and only require gentle exercise.

Once you have decided to rehome a dog, you must prepare the home and garden before the arrival. Remember that your new dog will be ‘stressed’, worried, and uncertain about you, your family, and the new surroundings and environment. He/she must have time to adjust. By taking on a rescue dog, you will be taking on his/her past, too, and this could be an unhappy one.

Helping Dog Paws will be with you every step of the way, making that first contact with the dog and yourself to settling the dog into your home. Once the dog is placed with you in your home, we will continue to provide you with training tips and techniques.

If you are interested in Harley, then please message in with a telephone number, as we prefer to have a discussion with potential owners.

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Good in a home with

Older Children (11+)

Prefers a home without

No cats