Rehoming Your Dog

Looking for a new home

Considering giving up your dog?

Rehoming a dog is a responsible and compassionate decision when it’s in the best interest of the dog’s well-being. If you need to give your dog a new home, we at Helping Dog Paws can help you without judgement.

Remember, rehoming a dog is a big decision, and it’s crucial to prioritise the dog’s well-being throughout the process.

The process

Things to consider

  1. Assess the Situation: Consider why you’re rehoming the dog. Is it due to a change in your circumstances, such as moving, health issues, or a lifestyle change? Understanding the reasons will help you find the best new home.
  2. Speak with family & friends: Prior to contacting us we ask that you have spoken to friends and family to see if they can help by taking on the dog for you. This will save time if one of them comes forward once you have contacted us.
  3. Gather Information: Create a detailed profile of the dog. Include information about its age, breed, size, temperament, health history, any training it has received, and what kind of home environment it would thrive in.
  4. Be Patient and Caring: We do not have kennels so we would be unable to take your dog from you immediately and foster space is not always available.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve collected our answers to the most common questions about the rehoming process. Can’t find the answer here? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

No we do not ask for a rehoming fee but if you would like to make a donation to the charity then this is welcomed.

No, unfortunately we do not have kennels so we are unable to take your dog so your dog will need to remain with you until a suitable home is found.

No, unfortunately due to GDPR we do not let you know who has rehomed your dog.

Please bring as many of the items you have for your dog so that it has familiar items around them to help them settle in their new home. For example: the dog bed, lead, collar, toys, and some food.

Please bring with you the dogs Vaccination Record, Microchip details and any pedigree certificates.

Helping Dog Paws is 100% volunteer operated, so you know your donation will go directly to looking after and finding loving homes for dogs in our care.