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Helping Dog Paws is a charity that has been set up to provide support when re homing/fostering dogs 

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Helping Dog Paws is a charity that has been set up to provide support when rehoming/fostering dogs.

It also supports owners financially if they need to take dogs to the vets but can’t afford the vet bills, as well as supporting dogs with behavioural issues.

We’re so passionate about what we do, and with your help we can continue to support as many dogs and their owners as possible.

Meet The Team

Pauline Sharpe
Pauline Sharpe

Founder of Helping Dog Paws - Chairman

I have had dogs all my life, as a child these were usually Heinz 57’s, as they were affectionately called. Dogs in my childhood were often left to roam the streets and puppies were everywhere, so any dogs we had were given rather than bought. Spaying was unheard of and disease in dogs was rife....
Ryan Guntrip
Ryan Guntrip

Secretary & Events Co-Ordinator

I have had dogs all my life and now I don’t think I could ever be without one. My first two dogs I had were Jasper, a Golden Retriever, and Sabra, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and both were very affectionate. When Jasper passed away, we got Pepper, a Boxer, who again was a fabulous affectionate dog...
Helen Steedman
Helen Steedman

Tresurer & Events

Since the age of 6, dogs have always been in my life. My first dog was a Black Labrador Retriever, called Lady. She ended up jumping the 6ft fence at my dads house, coming home pregnant! Dad made her a beautiful house and outside run for her to have her puppies. When they were old...

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